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Which currency can draw ahead of Bitcoin on capitalization level?

17 04 2019

At present, general capitalization of crypto currency at the market reaches 176 billion of USD. The most popular among the all crypto currencies is Bitcoin, with the price of one item of 5100 USD. Nowadays, Bitcoin is the most popular currency. Nevertheless, crypto market has been very unstable lately, that is why situation at the market can change at any moment.̆

Payment system has been unstable lately due to the large processing of payments. Not all transactions are processed in time, that is why a lot of clients lose money. It forces to think over the alternative variants.
Which currency can draw ahead of Bitcoin on capitalization level? This question is frequently asked today. The main competitors of Bitcoin are:

- Ethereum
- Ripple

Let’s have a look at each of them.

Ethereum. Today this crypto currency is considered to be of great demand, especially for those disappointed in Bitcoin. Ethereum is quite stable, uses the same technology as Bitcoin, but smart contracts appeal to everybody. Currency is a decentralized system and is actively used for financial activities. That is why it may exchange some financial transactions in the future, even SWIFT payment. Incognito mode is the main benefit of the system, and the output capitalization reaches 17 billion of USD.
Except for economic sense, platform developers have made an individual platform, which is the ICO project. Today the output is regarded as a competitor, and some governments are even thinking about the full transfer to the crypto currency in the future.

Ripple. In spite of having the competitor, one of the most serious rivals for Bitcoin at the market is Ripple. Irreparable payments have become very popular for the last several years. Capitalization of this currency is 13 billion of USD. Among the visible benefits, attention must be paid to the fact that Ripple had grown up after the huge investments, which it received in 20…. But there is a disadvantage which should be marked. According to the developers, this is an account freeze itself, which was implemented made-to-order. It is expected that correlation will be positive, due to which capitalization of Ripple will be able to draw Bitcoin ahead in the future.