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How to earn on crypto currency in 2019

10 06 2019

Several years ago crypto currency was considered to be not more than an interesting invention in the world of modern technologies, and creators of the crypto currency Bitcoin had not even thought about the price it would have in 2019.̆

After the particular popularity in 2017 a lot has changed, as now almost each third Internet user knows what crypto currency means, ICO, etc.
Nevertheless, rates of modern crypto currency have a big volatility and their popularity is slowly decreasing. But enthusiasts are still to earn and continue to mine crypto currency in a particular way. Let’s puzzle out which ways exist to earn on crypto currency in 2019? We will not dig into the benefits of the crypto currency usage and talk a lot about them, and will stick to the point at once. So, here is a list of fairly profitable methods of earning on crypto currency in 2019.

Cloud mining

For this type of crypto currency mining you will not have to buy equipment, as in case of the traditional mining.
Cloud mining is a generation of blocks with the help of rented volumes of the equipment, which are located in the large data centers. One can rent such volume on the special platforms.
The advantages of this method are the following:
- Low barrier of entry to the sphere of cloud mining;
- User has a possibility to mine several crypto currency at once;
- One must not create the farm, check out the equipment and support optimal work conditions.

Earning on crypto stock exchange

This type of crypto currency is a trade of currency pairs on the stock exchange.
One will have to buy coins at the lowest (the most beneficial) price, and to sell at the highest price.
First of all, it is necessary to have an accurate action plan and to monitor chosen currency rate all the time. Trading skills will be useful, too.
Among the advantages of this methods are:
- Excess to the work from every point with the availability of the Internet;
- Low barrier of entry to the crypto trading market – each volunteer can try it.

Earning through the currency exchange

This method is the same with the previous one, as your main task will be the purchase of crypto currency at the most profitable rate with its further sale. Less investment than at stock exchange entry is needed (hardly thousands of dollars).

In addition to: in this article we do not take into account the mining with the usage of the farms, as nowadays it is considered to be rather expensive and not always beneficial due to the volatility of Bitcoin and equipment prime cost, needed for the mining of crypto currency because of the upturn in demand for the last years.