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How to choose a bitcoin exchanger?

26 12 2018

A service that would quickly and efficiently conduct cash transactions for buying/selling/withdrawing funds became relevant. Bitcoin-exchanger was serious competition to the exchanges, allowing users for 5-15 minutes. (provided that the service is not too loaded), withdraw funds to the account or a virtual wallet. Of course, there are some nuances in working with exchangers, and which ones, we will now understand.̆

Which is better, exchange or bitcoin exchanger? How to choose exchanger for bitcoin cryptocurrency?

It is difficult for a beginner to understand the difference between these two services because they offer similar possibilities.

Hence the question: where to go, where to go, who to find in order ... Let's start with the fact that the exchange rate of Bitcoin in exchange offices is always too high, and can exceed 10% of the real value. If you do not want to overpay, then it is better to go to the exchange, but then you have to register with documentary proof of identity.

However, this is not the only difference: It is easier to replenish an account in exchange offices due to a large choice of methods: credit cards, electronic wallets, payment systems and even with the help of a courier in cash. On the stock exchanges selection is more modest — the range of cryptocurrency. If on the stock exchanges it often reaches hundreds of options, and rare coins can be found, then the exchangers work mainly with those that are in the TOP-10.

Currency prices

Exchange formed on the basis of supply/demand. In exchange, offices are established by the owners of banknotes and, as a rule, higher than the exchange ones. Interface. Exchangers often have a Russian and the other popular world languages version with a clear manual. The exchanges provide an opportunity to establish a native language, and navigation is more complicated. If traders mostly come to the exchanges, then the exchangers are chosen by those who occasionally need to convert the currency and who do not want to wait for a long time to complete the procedure.

What are the Bitcoin exchangers?

Where to change bitcoins for real money?

Everybody knows about the online Bitcoin exchanger, but not everyone guesses that there are still versions offline. Those that work online allow you to change one type of cryptocurrency to another or Fiat and then transfer it to a bank card/electronic wallet (Webmoney/QIWi and others).

The offline method is similar to the usual currency exchange points. Initially, the owner of virtual banknotes and the seller communicate on the Internet, but to receive their money is not on a credit card but in the bank branch. The mechanism in the Localbitcoins service functions as follows: the seller of the currency exchange transfers it to the wallet of the exchanger. There is a registration of the transaction with the definition of the course and the application. After that, you can go to the selected bank and, calling the cashier’s application number, receive cash.

Of the minuses - such schemes are valid only in large cities, and even then not in all CIS countries. But there is a plus - the issuance of a large batch of bills is carried out in a separate room behind closed doors, and, if necessary, you can use the security escort to a particular place. Signs of a safe exchanger Reliable Bitcoin exchangers To choose a reliable exchanger of bitcoins, you should first examine different options. You should not contact those who periodically stop working to correct problems. You can find out how often such situations occur in the news section, where they are usually reported and apologized to users for the inconvenience.

General recommendations:
- Make sure that the amount of the reserve of the desired currency will cover your application. Otherwise, it will remain unfulfilled.
- Time also matters. If you want to exchange money at night, make sure that the service works around the clock.
- Feel free to ask questions to consultants. So you clarify for yourself the important points and make sure that the appeals of customers respond quickly.
- Remember the scammers, and therefore pay attention to the address bar of the resource, where the SSL certificate must be present, as evidenced by the letter “s” (https: // ...).
- Check the domain name. Fake web pages are practically the same as these, repeating their design. But the name will be different, so only one wrong letter can give out changelings. Naturally, no deals are being made here, and money is simply taken from trusting users.
- Site age is also a good indicator. The longer he is in the ranks, the higher the confidence in him.