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Which crypto currency is called stable

03 06 2019

Usually, crypto currency, the price of which is directly connected with physical assets is called stable.̆

Despite the fact that crypto currency is intangible, assets, which are connected to it, are fairly real. These assets include the most famous currency in the world - American dollar, or any valuable metals.
It is worth noting that, for example, temporary trends must not influence crypto currency. Stable currency also includes such currencies, which are characterized by low volatility and are not connected to the centralized regulators.
Complex of these factors means protected and trusted usage of altcoins in the Internet.
During the last several years range of Bitcoin and Ethereum rates have been widely discussed, but, as we may notice, these crypto currencies cannot be called an example of stability. Their price may be changed during one day or even one hour for 5% -10%. Just because of such volatility, the majority of crypto currencies are still inconvenient for usage in the modern crypto society. It is very difficult for sellers to count the real profit from the selling of currency, and for the buyers it is not sometimes beneficial to grow their crypto assets, losing big amount due to the range of rate. After the implementation of altcoins to the crypto currency market, there is a possibility to control volatility of more popular crypto assets.
To believe the experts of the crypto society, ideal (or in another words – stable) crypto currency must have stable price, be decentralized, easily spread among the members of crypto currency hub and save its anonymity at the same time. Additional benefit to the mentioned above can be possibility of the operational integration with different trade platforms, networks and decentralized platforms. In the long-term perspective these criteria will give opportunity to use crypto assets in a form of savings, and in the short-term perspective – for the holding of transaction on mutual agreed conditions.
Nowadays, the most stable crypto currencies are the following (including some altcoins):