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How not to be deceived on cryptocurrency exchange

18 02 2019

Nowadays people actively use electronic payment systems. It is much more easier to shop or to make money transfers with their help. Besides, quite often there is a need to exchange e-currency. And you can meet lover of easy money, who inventing more ways to deceive you.̆

Earlier thieves used simple schemes, but now they start to be so difficult and complicated, that not many people can figure out them.
How not to be deceived? You should know that you can change currency in two ways:
- with the help of exchange offices
- with the help of private person

Exchange offices

The most popular fraud scheme, using exchange offices - offer some money with it. But how it works? You are invited to exchange currency with one of the exchanger, and then swap it back in another, with more favorable rate. Due to the fact that the first part of the operation was successful, the person calms down and begins to trust the system. After that he exchange cryptocurrency again and lose money.
How can you be saved?
1. One of the most effective methods is enter its address in the search site system Webmoney. Here you can always check out how people are satisfied with the work of the exchanger, and if he had any negative comments.
2. When you get to some exchange office, the quickest way to check is to enter its address into the search. Quite often it happens that people who have already fallen into the trap warn other users about it.
3. Use the services of the portal hotrate.io. We always have favorable exchange rate, and we are responsible for the reliability!

Exchange of Crypto-currency with the help of private person

If you don’t trust exchange offices, or want to save a little, then you will use the services of a private person. How not to get on the deceiver?
1. At first, you should check the certificate of a person who offers you services for the exchange of electronic currency. If the certificate is not personal or he don’t want to show it for you - the fraud stay before you.
2. You should check the name of the person in the search system. If he was involved in fraud, then you probably will find some negative information about him. As already mentioned, many people who fall into a trap write about that on the Internet, calling clear names.
3. Look and analyze the behavior of this person. Most often he will begin to insist on a quick exchange, talk about that you can completely trust him, offer various discounts, etc. If you notice this behavior, you need to think about it several times, if it is good to change currency at this person.
4. Sometimes it happens that scammers are represented by administrators or moderators, especially if the case is in the сrypto currency forum. In this case you should go to the profile of the real administrator and ask for change something in his profile. Although, the cases with hacking pages - not uncommon.
5. According to statistics, such cases are dealt by younger people (to 25 years). They can be figure out by the style of writing messages, the number of vocabulary, or by the not professional vision of the dialogue. But, it does not mean that you can not robbed by the older man.

The most reliable method of exchange сryptocurrency - request to the special service, called the guarantor. At your disposal is a person who will perform the whole transaction of cryptocurrency exchange instead of you. There is no 100% guarantee in this case, but the chance to get on the scammer will be much lower.

I hope that information was useful to you and now you can feel free in exchanging electronic currencies.