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How and what for to buy crypto currency?

17 01 2019

Nowadays, earnings on crypto currency are one of the general ways of earnings for traders. According to the statistics, which is available in the Net, more than 70% of traders, who sell at the market - earn on crypto currency. The majority of them have to risk, however, they start small, in particular buying the crypto currency.̆

“How do people buy crypto currency?” – It is one of the most frequently asked questions in the search systems of millions of users from different parts of the world.

It is widely known, that by crypto currency it is possible not only to earn, but also to fold up greatly. The main reason for this is a fundamental growth in the market development during the recent years. Not all parts can guarantee the benefit and risk absence today. Even though, while buying the crypto currency, one must take into account the following factors:

- state of crypto currency capitalization at the market and its statistics;
- possibility of active investments at the cost of funds, corporations and other players at the market;
- earnings tendency on currency rate shift;

Let's have a look at each of these factors.

State of crypto currency capitalization at the market and its statistics

Today, according to the statistics, there are three main players at the market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Capitalization of Bitcoin at the market for today is about 170 billion USD. It is the highest point for any platform. The second place with the capitalization of 83 billion USD takes Ethereum.  The third place goes to crypto currency Ripple, which can range in about 35 billion USD.

This data can change at any moment, as crypto currency is influenced by correlation factors. State at the economic market, state at the international market and also dynamics of price changes can be related to them.

Possibility of active investments at the cost of funds, corporations and other players at the market

At the moment, worldwide corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and others should move aside. On the one hand, crypto currency as a separate mechanism gives opportunity of its active usage. On the other hand, thousands of investors are searching for a possibility to get over benefit, inputting their actives in crypto currency. In other words, this in particular makes crypto currency in some ways vulnerable, due to which over benefit may seem an also ran. At the market, many trade at different exchanges, such as Exmo, Bittrex, Poloniex and others. But nothing makes crypto currency as vulnerable as structured item. That is why traders and holders actively trade and earn on exchange rate shift.  Of course, corporations do not lack behind. Every year they try to launch new products to keep their shares. In such a way, again, on the one hand, they fix their state at the market, but on the other hand, they double or triple their shares with new item launch.

Earnings tendency on currency rate shift

Partially, we have already discussed it, but we have to look more precisely. The main reason is that we live not in 90th and the financial market has fundamentally different layer from that one taught at universities today.

Now, traders refused from using actives in shares and obligations and started to explore crypto currency market actively. It is possible to earn net profit of 300-500 USD on currency rate shift at the market for several days, depending on which crypto currency you have.

From the financial point of view we can make a conclusion that holders win at the market. Their main advantage is that due to the lasting currency storage and fast crypto currency growth, they would win anyway because of crypto currency money stock, which is being used. The example is the speculation, due to which holders could overtake the traders and save their actives.

Currency purchase. How is it going today?

Today, quite many ways of crypto currency purchase exist. The main are:

- crypto currency purchase via wallet (is considered to be a traditional way, which gives payment system opportunity to earn);
- crypto currency purchase on exchange ( is the most appropriate way, due to which holders earn today, in other words, they buy money stock);
- crypto currency purchase via exchange services ( despite the % - is a very convenient way, if you are not fooled; correspondingly it is necessary to know appropriate services and keep a financial track daily);
- crypto currency purchase for cash ( today it is possible to get crypto currency even using the payment terminal);